Baldvin Oddsson

Baldvin Oddsson

Baldvin Oddsson graduated from Manhattan school of Music in December 2016 and is presently living in New York.

He won the Iceland Symphony Orchestra Young Musician Award and played as a soloist with the orchestra.

Since then he has played with the trumpet section of the ISO on many occassions.

Baldvin and his teacher, the trumpet virtuoso Steven Burns, performed memorably at The Festival of Sacred Arts in Hallgrímskirkja in 2013.

Baldvin Oddsson also performed at the International Organ Summer in Hallgrimskirkja 2017 and 2018 with the Klais organ.

He performed at the very popular Festive Sounds of New Year in Hallgrimskirkja in 2017 with the great Klais organ and 2 other trumpet players  and again in 2018 with Jóhann Nardeau with great success.