A magnificent performance by Olivier Latry

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Kingsmen, countertenors and the hymns of women: At the end of the Festival of Sacred Arts 2015

A magnificent performance by Olivier Latry

Olivier Latry, organist of Notre Dame, Paris, and one of the leading organists in the world today, gave a double concert at the Festival of Sacred Arts last night. In short the audience was absolutely captivated by Mr. Latry´s inspired performance.

In the former concert Latry played pieces by Grigny, Paulet, Mobberley and Durufle. The last piece on his repertoire was an improvisation on two old Icelandic hymns, never seen by Latry before. The result was no less than astonishing.

Latry used th9632e voices of the Klais-organ remarkably well and some of the guests even commented on having heard sounds they never had heard before from this magnificent instrument.

In the latter concert Latry was joined by his wife Shin-Young Lee, playing a four-handed version of Stravinskys Rite of Spring. This ad
aption is based on the composer´s own version for two p9495ianos. Here the colourful use of the instrument was especially pleasing – the organ truly sounded just as rich as a whole symphonic orchestra. The couple´s clear and rhythmical playing truly delivered the work´s primitive and powerful nature and their collaboration was beautiful to watch.