Jóhann Nardeau

Jóhann Nardeau

Johann Nardeau was born in December 1987 in Reykjavík, into a French-Icelandic family of musicians. In 2008 Johann was the only trumpet player to enter the Paris Conservatoire (CNSMDP) and in spring 2013 graduated with a master’s degree from the class of Antoine Curé and Laurent Bourdon.

As a soloist with orchestra Johann Nardeau has performed much of the standard trumpet repertoire. He has worked with various ensembles in Paris and surroundings. During the years 2013-2015 Johann was principal trumpet of the Orchestre des Lauréats du Conservatoire in Paris. Since 2017 Johann teaches trumpet in the Sèvres Conservatory in the vicinity of Paris.

He performed at the very popular Festive Sounds at New Year in Hallgrimskirkja in 2018 together with Baldvin Oddsson and the Klais organ with great success.